Natalia corres - writer, poet, journalist, editor, creative consultant


Facilitating the process of bringing creative work into the public realm - through SMART goals.


What is "creative consulting"?


You have an idea; or a book; or a project - and it is an amazing spectacular and/or life changing idea - but how do you get it out there?  

How do you plan and execute that plan? What happens when you get stuck? 

That is where I come in - as your sounding board, your guide through terra incognito, and your cheering section. Plus I am organized and can help you stay accountable to your plan, even when you might get discouraged. And I can assist you by managing some of the process. 

Initial one-hour consultation is free.  Fees depend upon the project and work required, and are billed in whole hours.

How would this help me?


Sometimes you need an objective third party to bounce ideas with and to review your plans for things you might not have seen or considered. 

Sometimes you need help researching your idea, book or project - perhaps you are overwhelmed with information and just need help winnowing the important items from the huge amount of data. 

And sometimes you need a sanity check, a pat on the back and a sympathetic ear from someone who believes in you and your idea, book or project. 

Part of creative consulting is coaching and part is cheerleading.  I have an added advantage in being a tech whisperer (i.e. tech is not overwhelming and I can help you navigate formats and technical requirements). 

What are SMART Goals


I am all about results. And to be able to point to a result, I use SMART goals - SMART is an acronym for:






Specific: Set concrete, clearly defined goals with specific points of success.

Measurable: Whatever the goal is, find ways to measure progress.

Achievable: Aim high, but within reason. Your goal should be a stretch, but something you could actually achieve.

Relevant: Find a goal that matters enough to you that you’ll be motivated to stick with it.

Time-bound: Set a reasonable timeline for your goal, and focus on the small wins along the way.


One Body, Many Souls - our story of survival

Editing and formatting done for this book and website creation and maintenance. 

This book by Judy Kukuruza, was released on Amazon in both ebook (for Kindle) and paperback in February 2018.

Star Trek - The Paradise Makers - A two hour animation

Star Trek - The Paradise Makers

This two part (each an hour long) Star Trek story is animated using the style of the tv animations, and using the original characters. It was released to Youtube in 2017. 

Written and produced by E. Gaston Huckabay

Star Trek (working title withheld)

This two part Star Trek story is in the editing and pre-production phase and is projected for production in mid-2020.

Written and produced by E. Gaston Huckabay

Whole Earth Pets Bakersfield Pet Directory

 This directory was published and distributed by Natalia Corres in 2013, 2014 and 2015/2016.  Edited by Christina Dooley and Linda Toelle with article contributions by Natalia Corres - this directory covered all pet related services in the Kern area, including pet-friendly hotels and motels; apartments; Veterinary services; pet sitting and dog walking services; dog parks; shelters and rescues.  It was given freely to rescues and shelters to share with adopters; and to new-comers to the area. 

Little Stories to Play With in Your Mind

Published 2019 - Editing and formatting done for this book by Judy Kukuruza. Available on Amazon by clicking here.

Poems to Ponder

Published 2019 - Editing and formatting done for this book by Judy Kukuruza. Available on Amazon by clicking here.

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Downloads - Forms for Pet Services Book

These are the forms referenced in the book "So You Want To Start A Pet Services Business" published June 2019