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Books by Natalia Corres

Unringing the Bell


Available on Amazon

Wind in Her Mane - paperback


Available on Amazon

The River Takes What You Love

Novella, Coming of age, YA, Gay

Novella - a teen discovers himself through the loss of his friend and first love.  Available in paperback on Amazon.

And in eBook format on Amazon, Apple, Google, Kobo, Barnes & Noble and more.

Rattling the Bones: Poetry by Natalia Corres

Poetry, Introspection, Soul searching

Available on Amazon.

So You Want To Start A Pet Services Business

How to start a pet sitting dog walking service business

Available on Amazon

Dream Catcher


Available on Amazon

Serroc's Poetry Slam

 Poems. Read to you by the poet.
With a little info about who they are, and where to find out more.
A way to get some poetry into your life, in small bites,
until you hunger for so much more,
that you are compelled to binge
on poetry! Get more vitamin C(ulture) and A(rts) in your diet! 

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Writing on the web

Words to Live By

Website for writers - focused on information to help a writer make a living.  Word to Live by.

Wind in Her Mane

Wordpress blog of creative writing and observations by Natalia Corres. Wind in Her Mane.

Zen of Living Smaller

Wordpress blog focused on quality not quantity in living well. Articles on tiny living, gardening, and recycling.

Zen of Living Smaller.

Content written by Natalia Corres can be found under the handle @Serroc

Also, she curates the following niches: Dissociative Identity Disorder; Dollhouse Miniatures; Fairy Crafts; Reduce, Reuse, Recycle; Tarot; and Tiny Houses - where she welcomes submissions happily.

Her observations and articles can be found under the handle @NataliaCorres.

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